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The VIOLA app is with you h24. Moving through space has never been safer and freer for you.


The VIOLA app is with you 24h. Moving through space has never been safer for you.

Support calls are always free: When you need company while walking, video call one of our supporters from anywhere in the world: we are always with you! Download the free version now!

Safe spaces at your fingertips: Use the premium version to get customized maps for your safety with suggested safe routes, to always know where the nearest hospitals, police stations and pharmacies are, to discover safe spaces to dine, drink and go dancing! Reserve for the premium version by filling out the form below.

    iOS Testers

    Are you an iOS user? Sign-up to be among the very first users to have access to the VIOLA app and join our incredible community of VIOLA testers.

      Viola App

      Video Calls
      At the heart of our service is the video call, which ensures both visibility for the chaperone and works as prevention for the user.
      Video Recording
      Our video recording feature generates audio-visual proof in case of an emergency with which the user can choose to report the crime or not.
      Connection to Law Enforcement
      Both user and chaperone can connect instantly to the closest law enforcements in case of an emergency directly from the video call screen.
      Precise location so that the law enforcement can most accurately and quickly get to the user in time.
      Our trained volunteers are available 24/7 to take you home and act in case of an emergency.
      In case our users don’t feel like being on a video call, the chat feature allows the user to have access to all the same features.
      Our customised VIOLA apps are integrated with up to date information of purple points (safe spaces with trained staff in bystander intervention). Whilst on the move you can see which surrounding places have been verified by the VIOLA community.
      Voice Activation
      Activate emergency calls and geo-location to your emergency contacts through voice activation.
      Contact Alert System
      Set up a contact alert system to alert your emergency contacts of your route home and when you arrive.


      How should I sign up?

      Sign up on our website here to join the testing community by putting in the email associated to your iOS or Google Console account according to what device you own (Apple IOS, Android Google Console)

      I signed up with an email address and I couldn’t access the Android/ Apple link, why?

      You need to sign up with the email associated with your devices’ app store (so the email is connected to your app downloads). That way we can put you into our internal testing groups.

      The VIOLA App keeps changing, why?

      We are modifying and changing the app as we grow. You are part of a very special testing community who is trialing the app as we grow. We love your feedback on any features as it helps us create the perfect app for our users!

      You’ve sent me emails with surveys, why?

      As part of the testing community we’ll be collecting your feedback and your experience via surveys, all of our information is stored according to GDPR regulations.

      Is this the VIOLA App?

      As a start-up we have launched the first beta of what will be our final product so what you’re seeing is just the beginning! Be prepared to see the app grow and evolve.

      Why isn’t the video call working?

      Make sure you give access and consent to both the microphone and video call permissions.

      What would you like to feel safe on the road?

      What would make you more free to walk alone anywhere in the world? Let's build freedom and safety together, let's build the VIOLA app together. Fill out our survey in collaboration with University of California, Berkeley

      VIOLA operates a 24/7 video call service for anyone that wants to be accompanied when they’re going home at night.

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