Safest Way to Walk Home Alone

20 July 2023by Viola

Walking home by yourself can be intimidating, especially at night. However, sometimes the only way to get home is to walk alone. People should not have to fear walking home alone as long as they follow a few safety tips and precautions on their journey. Here is some safety advice to remember the next time you have to walk home alone.


The first tip you’ll want to remember is to stay alert the entire time. If you are looking at your phone or not paying attention to your surroundings, you become more of a target. Remaining alert and watching who is around you puts you in a position to act quickly if something goes wrong.


Another tip is to try to stick to the main roads. Walking on main roads means there are likely going to be more people around in case you need help. They are also usually well-lit which leaves less opportunity for something to happen. Try to avoid back roads or dark areas, if possible, when choosing your route home.

This goes into the third tip which is to plan your route ahead of time. Planning your route home beforehand makes your walk home even quicker because you aren’t having to take time figuring out where to go. Having a plan also eliminates the possibility of having to stop and look up directions which again would make you more of a target. Be sure to

have your route planned and only reference your phone if you absolutely need to.


Finally, make sure you have the Viola app downloaded on your phone if you need someone to walk with you. There are Viola volunteers ready at all times to talk with you and make sure you make it home safely. No one should have to fear walking home alone, and there are so many ways to do it safely.


Article by Valerie Hudson

Viola operates a 24/7 video call service for anyone that wants to be accompanied when they’re going home at night.

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