Traveling Solo: What Women Should Know

20 July 2023by Viola

The uncertainty that comes with traveling solo as a woman prevents women all over the world from being able to travel and see all that the world has to offer. Fear should not have to hold women back from exploring the world even if they are doing it alone. There are a few safety tips that are important to follow in order to make sure you stay safe when traveling solo.


Before your trip, be sure to research your destination and plan your itinerary thoroughly. Learning about your destination beforehand prepares you for what to expect in your surroundings when you arrive. Additionally, having a detailed itinerary will give you the peace of mind knowing everything is set in place. Try to have all hotels and excursions booked ahead of time to alleviate any last-minute stress or panic.


Another tip for traveling solo is to lie if you need to. If someone approaches you and asks if you are alone, it is completely ok to lie and say you have friends waiting for you back at your hotel. This can be an easy way to get someone to leave you alone if they think you have people expecting you to be somewhere. Additionally, connect with other women. There are increasingly more women who choose to travel by themselves. Making friendships with other solo travelers can give you people who will look out for you just as you will look out for them.


A final tip is to be extra aware of your surroundings. This is true in all settings, even if you are with a group, but it is more important when you are traveling solo. As a woman by herself, you could be seen as more of a target. While walking around, be cautious of people following you or watching you. Make sure to stay aware and always walk with a purpose. If you ever feel unsafe walking around, the Viola app is there to walk with you and make sure you make it to your destination safely. Viola believes all women should have the opportunity to travel solo and feel safe while doing it.


Article by Valerie Hudson

Viola operates a 24/7 video call service for anyone that wants to be accompanied when they’re going home at night.

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