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Together with you we aim to build a safer, wiser and stronger society to tackle the various and complex issues of gender violence.
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A Viola volunteer would typically need to keep a vigilant eye on the Instagram profile whilst on shift. They’d book in any request for calls and take any video calls scheduled during their shift, or assigned to them.

For the application and selection process for Viola volunteers, please fill in the below application and you will be contacted with further information.

    Being part of VWH means being the friend that not only asks you to call when you’re home, but the one that (virtually) gets you there. It means being part of an incredible team that does not leave you alone and makes you feel safe. This is VHW: taking part in that change that we were all waiting for.

    Alessandra, Italy

    I joined the DXS family in 2021, when it was just a small reality… and look how far we’ve come! Taking time to make streets safer is truly rewarding, especially if I think that one day my own daughter could need the same help. We work together in order for us and the next generations to feel free to walk without the need to call someone “just in case”. Thank you, DXS, VWH to make it possible!

    Jessica, Italy

    Voluteering for Violawalkathome has been the greatest gift I could ever give myself. Priceless, just like the smile of the people you help. Thank you, Violawalkhome, you feel like home.

    Francesca, Italy

    Hearing the words “thank you for what you do, it is amazing” gives me a different type of rewarding. By helping others you realize how also little things, such as an easy conversation, can mean a lot for the wellbeing and sense of security of other

    Benedetta, Germany

    Viola Walkhome is a possibility to express urgent societal critique in a proactive and productive way – I really appreciate this possibility

    Bendix, Germany

    It feels satisfying knowing I can help someone to feel safe

    Deniz, Germany

    I became more enlightened about issues/situations (especially girls/women or impaired people) may have on the way home.
    I now see people different and I am more understanding for worries and fears they have.

    Karam, UK

    it feels great to be a volunteer since you can help people by literally just talking to them, that way you also get to know them and the conversations are always nice for me personally being a viola volunteer means being there to help people, no
    matter the circumstances and just also to connect with others. it’s always a pleasant experience

    Li, Austria

    Working for Viola has been super rewarding. Helping people feel a bit safer and more comfortable in the public space leaves you with an instant feeling of contribution. The entire Viola team is happy to help you out with any questions and doubts. Super nice to be part of such an enthusiastic and passionate team and project!

    Dina, Germany

    I have been part of Viola since early 2023. Helping people feel safer is an amazing feeling. In this short time I have met so many new, interesting and amazing people that I will remember for a long time. I hope to be helping people at ViolaWalkHome for many years to come! Thank you to everyone on our amazing ViolaWalkHome Team!

    Matija, Croatia

    Sono volontaria da tre mesi. Appena ho sentito parlare di questa associazione su Instagram ho voluto subito chiedere come diventare volontaria, perché credo sia una forte e bella dimostrazione di aiuto reciproco e di voglia di cambiare. Tutto viene da una mia personale paura a girare in alcuni orari/viaggiare, a piedi e su diversi mezzi pubblici, in piccole e grandi città. Paura che vedo condividiamo in molte di noi. Da quando ho cominciato a far parte di Viola ho notato una crescita e una graduale diusione delle iniziative, e spero che davvero prenda ancora più piede nei mesi/anni a venire.

    Chiara, Italy

    Per quanto riguarda la mia esperienza con Viola io sono molto soddisfatta di poter essere parte di questo progetto, come ho letto cosa fosse e di che cosa si occupasse, mi ci sono proprio ritrovata perchè purtroppo succede spesso che io non primis non mi senta sicura in strada e mi è sembrata proprio una cosa naturale volerne far parte. Una cosa che mi piace tantissimo è quando una persona sta chiamando, rispondo e sento che la persona è grata del fatto che ci sia questo servizio, che chiunque stia chiamando trovi qualcuno che possa rispondere pronto ad accompagnarlo ovunque debba andare in videochiamata, e questo mi rende molto felice.

    Federica, Italy

    Mi chiamo Giovanna e sono un’infermiera di 48 anni,nel 2019 mia glia si è trasferita in Australia. E’ capitato, in particolare nel periodo delle farm, di doverla accompagnare in videochiamata per farla sentire più sicura. Mi inviava la posizione e le consigliavo di far capire, a chi le era intorno, che chi era a telefono con lei era a conoscenza di dove era e con chi era. Poi una sera in tv, mentre guardavo un programma in tv sulla violenza di genere (Amore Criminale), sono venuta a conoscenza di Donne per strada e Viola. Mi sono subito detta perché non fare per altre quello che ho fatto per mia glia. Era tanto che volevo partecipare in modo attivo contro la violenza di genere, sapevo che organizzarsi tra donne poteva essere un’ arma a nostro favore.

    Giovanna, Italy

    Viola operates a 24/7 video call service for anyone that wants to be accompanied when they’re going home at night.

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